Young Adult & Middle Grade Books

Ron Estrada

Welcome to my world!

I have been a writer for most of life. Of course, like most writers, I didn’t do anything about it until I’d let several decades slip past me. I’ve written in several genres before settling on YA and Middle Grade, and love them all.

So why YA and Middle Grade?

Because I love the freedom it gives me. Young characters haven’t had their minds muddled by the world. They’re free to do and say what all of us really want to do and say. And I also want my readers to know that they’re unique, needed, and not alone. My characters are the outcasts, the geeks, the freaks, and those that feel like they’re all alone with the problems they face.

My friends, you’re never alone. And you can overcome anything life throws at you. It is my goal and my hope that something I’ve written can lift someone out of whatever pit of despair they’ve dug for themselves, or at least give you something to remember when you do find yourself in that lonely, terrible place.

Let me offer you friends to help along the way. They may be of my creation, but they feel very real to me. And I hope they feel real to you.

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