Angel ‘n Me

Book 2 of the Cherry Hill Series

What if you woke up one day with somebody else in your head?

Evan Jade is a new freshman at Cherry Hill High School. With few friends and a mother who spends her time between jobs concocting ways to keep Evan safe from her ex-husband, Evan's girl prospects are thin. Until the hottest girl in Cherry Hill takes up residence with him.

Evan and Angela have a lot to learn about each other, themselves, and the people they pass by every day.

But will Evan lose the only real friend he's ever had? Angel 'n Me, book 2 of the Cherry Hill Series, is now available at Amazon.
Angel 'n Me , book 2 of the Cherry Hill Series

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Cassandra’s Crossing

Book 3 of the Cherry Hill Series

Cherry Hill is about to reveal its past secrets

Jessica Wertz is the outcast among outcasts in Cherry Hill. But when she photographs a girl who should no longer exist, she's carried into Cherry Hill's dark side.

Along with her unlikely new friend, Cassie Clark, she will set off on a journey that spans the centuries.

Can she survive long enough to save those she's grown to love? Cassandra's Crossing, book 3 of the Cherry Hill Series, is now available for pre-order at Amazon.

Reviews for the Cherry Hill Series

Never judge a book by the cover, or category, especially in the case of, “Now I Knew You.” While it’s considered Young Adult, which I outgrew several decades ago, the author descriptively transcended me from the halls of Cherry Hill High School and surrounding area, into a realm beyond, and then brought me back only to consider my own ability to listen and act through his main character, Josh. For that I say well done Mr. Estrada! I would recommend this book to any age reader and look forward to…
Debbie T.