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Now I Knew You – Book 1 of the Cherry Hill Series

Running is like life. There’s a starting line. There’s a finish line. Try not to trip in between.

Josh Baker is the fastest high school runner in Michigan. His goal? Run fast enough to escape the factories and his frigid existence in the northernmost thread of the Michigan mitten. And to take his love of four years with him when he goes.

But sometimes God has other plans. Sometimes the course to the finish line takes unexpected turns. The finish line moves. Or disappears altogether.

When Josh nearly loses his life in a car accident one snowy night,  his life hurtles in a new direction. The course will take him outside of this world before returning him to unravel the choices he’s made.

Because when you live in Cherry Hill, where this world and the next are separated by a single prayer, a breath of frosty air, or a last heartbeat, you should expect the unexpected.

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Angel 'n Me - Book 2 of the Cherry Hill Series
Angel ‘n Me – Book 2 of the Cherry Hill Series

Cherry Hill High School freshman Evan Jade has enough problems. A father in prison. A mom working two jobs. A new home and school. The last thing he needs is a 17 year-old girl living in his head.

But after he rescues the hottest girl in Cherry Hill from drowning, that’s exactly what he gets.

As Evan and his new soul mate struggle to come to terms with their unusual co-existence, they learn more about each other, the people around them, and themselves. While one slides toward death and the other faces the challenges of a new school and a new crush, the friendship between them grows into a bond that neither life or death can break.

“Angel ’n Me will have you laughing between the tears.”

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Book 3 of the Cherry Hill Series - coming in September!
Book 3 of the Cherry Hill Series – coming in September!