the books I love to read and write


Hi, I’m Ron Estrada. Welcome to my website!

I write YA and Middle Grade novels. You’ll find I like to dabble in urban fantasy, like #AngelWarz (which is free, by the way…just sayin’). I also write contemporary Young Adult, like Now I Knew You and Angel ‘n Me, the first two books in my Cherry Hill Paranormal Parables series.

But it’s not just the books I write that make me different than other authors, it’s the way I deliver them to you.

You see, I like options. My books will be delivered in daily or weekly chapters via e-mail. Or as a complete download. Or, if you’re a purist, you can go to Amazon or B&N and buy them there as well. Like I said, choices.

And I love to give away books. #AngelWarz is free. And it’s only available through the subscription. Once Gina and I get to the end of the first season, we’ll bundle those episodes and it won’t be free any more. Maybe. Then we’re on to season 2.

Now I Knew You will be released on Amazon in December. After that, Angel ‘n Me, and sometime next winter, Scorpion Summer, a middle grade novel set around the 1968 loss of the USS Scorpion, the last US Submarine to be lost at sea. 

If you sign up below, you’ll get #AngelWarz free. Starting with the episodes you’ve missed. I’ll also let you know when my books will be released and, of course, give my subscribers a nice discount.

So let’s get started, shall we? Oh, and I love hearing from my readers. You can contact me at