calm before the storm

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Ron Estrada.

Before the end comes, there is the calm before the storm.

Calm, of course, is relative. History shows that there has never truly been a time of tranquility. As long as humans and their battling emotions exist, there will be the struggle for one man to rule over another.

That’s the tale I write. Call it dystopian, call it post-apocalyptic. I prefer to call it the calm before the storm, those final years of human struggle before God brings forth the final judgement.

You can take my message as a warning, or you can be merely entertained. That’s the wonderful thing about fiction. You have a choice–enjoy the show or dig for the deeper meaning.

Fiction is the purest art form. The purest form of expression. The way most of us develop our beliefs. We live in a wonderful time where fiction is available at any time, from nearly any location. It’s a marvelous time to be a reader, and a marvelous time to be a writer.

When I write, I enter another world. I’m solving a crime. I’m falling in love. I’m battling all the world’s evil. I’m learning something new about myself.

I invite you to enter my world.

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