Angel ‘n Me

Book 2 of the Cherry Hill Series

What if you woke up one day with somebody else in your head?

Cherry Hill High School freshman Evan Jade has enough problems. A father in prison. A mom working two jobs. A new home and school. The last thing he needs is a 17 year-old girl living in his head.

But after he rescues the hottest girl in Cherry Hill, that’s exactly what he gets.

As Evan and his new soul mate struggle to come to terms with their unusual co-existence, they learn more about each other, the people around them, and themselves. While one slides toward death and the other faces the challenges of a new school and a new crush, the friendship between them grows into a bond that neither life or death can break.

"It's funny, smart, entertaining with a supernatural hook, a message of hope in the under current and a touch of teen romance. Don't know what else you need:) Unexpected ending, by the way;)" - Amazon Review

Angel 'n Me, book 2 of the Cherry Hill Series, is now available at Amazon.
Angel 'n Me , book 2 of the Cherry Hill Series

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Cassandra’s Crossing

Book 3 of the Cherry Hill Series

Cherry Hill is about to reveal its past secrets

A girl with a less than stellar past. A ghost that only reveals herself in the lens of a camera. A bad boy hunk who hides in the archives of the Cherry Hill history museum. A journey through time. And that's before things get weird.

Jessica Wertz may be a girl who is one undercooked lasagna from slitting her own wrists, but she's not ready to quit yet. When she photographs a strange girl at the library bridge, a girl who drowned 150 years ago, her life takes an unexpected turn.

After joining forces with Cassie Clark, who bears a striking resemblance to the camera ghost, and new flame Brad Tucker, the unlikely trio set out to solve the mystery and end up on a journey that spans the centuries.

If you like ghosts, time-travel, pizza, unlikely romances, and general weirdness, you'll love Cassandra's Crossing. Oh, there may be a shapeshifter tossed in there as well just to keep things interesting.

In Book 3 of the Cherry Hill Series, the dark past of the quiet up north tourist town is revealed. Can Jessica and her friends prevent Cherry Hill's own less than stellar past from catching up with their town and bringing with it the evil that all had thought lost to history?

Only time will tell. Cassandra's Crossing, book 3 of the Cherry Hill Series, is now available at Amazon.
Book 4 of the Cherry Hill Series

Even the present is unkown.

The first day in new a time is always scary. It's even scarier when you're alone.

Lydia Leach is the new girl in the 21st century, and she isn't fitting in well. After leaving her family and new friends behind in the 18th century, it is up to her alone to stop the evil that has slipped into the future ahead of her.

Can a lone Jumper defeat the man that has kept Cherry Hill terrified for three centuries?

Only time will tell.

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Reviews for the Cherry Hill Series

This book is full of lovable, believable characters that I absolutely adored. We follow our main protagonist on a journey through heartache and pain, self-discovery and hard decisions, happiness, and a myriad of very real life issues. This book was something I could not put down, and I was sad when it ended because I wanted to spend so much more time in this world. Hats off to Ron Estrada for a thoroughly enjoyable and well-written book. Wow. Just…wow.
Garek R.