the books I love to read and write

Ron-Estrada-Books_edited-4Hi, I’m Ron Estrada. Welcome to my website!

I write YA and Middle Grade novels. You’ll find I like to dabble in urban fantasy, like #AngelWarz (which is free, by the way…just sayin’) and science fiction. I also write contemporary Young Adult with a paranormal twist, like Now I Knew You and Angel ‘n Me, the first two books in my Cherry Hill series.

Yes, I write for teens, but I’m not a big fan of the YA label. Why? I think a good story that happens to have teenagers or middle-grade kids as characters should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their age. I remember my teenage years (yes, that far back). Our thoughts went deeper than most gave us credit for. Nothing has changed. I write for those who want to come away with more than a good story. I write for those who want to have something to think about, something to talk about.

I want to write for you.

And I love to give away books. #AngelWarz is free. And it’s only available through the subscription. Once Gina and I get to the end of the first season, we’ll bundle those episodes and it won’t be free any more (we have kids, too, and they eat…a lot). Then we’re on to season 2.

Now I Knew You will be released on Amazon in April, 2015. After that, Angel ‘n Me, and sometime this summer, Scorpion Summer, a middle grade novel set around the 1968 loss of the USS Scorpion, the last US Submarine to be lost at sea. 

If you sign up below, you’ll get #AngelWarz free. Starting with the episodes you’ve missed. I’ll also let you know when my books will be released and, of course, give my subscribers a nice discount.

So let’s get started, shall we? Oh, and I love hearing from my readers. You can contact me at