A Table by the Window

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Novel #2 for 2006: A Table by the Window by Lawana Blackwell

I’m not sure why I’m drawn to novels like this. Though it had a hint of mystery and suspense, it was actually more of a general fiction, coming of age type of story. The heroine, Carly Reed is a woman with a troubled past. Abused as a child by the boyfriends of her alcoholic mother, she seeks to rediscover both her family and herself. She moves from the Bay Area to a small Mississippi town, where antique shops and college football fill most conversations.

I think I like any book that involves discovering the simple pleasures of life–front porches and cool summer evenings, family dinners, iced tea on a hot day. That’s what Carly does. She also opens a cafe, takes in a troubled girl, and dates the Chief of Police who has a nice dark secret. I won’t ruin it.

It’s a good, relaxing, low suspense read. Lawana Blackwell writes a slow paced novel, as one like this should be. No nail biting until the very end and for a short time. A beautiful story of lost souls coming to Christ and restoring faith.

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