Brandilyn Collins at Dineen’s Place

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No, Brandilyn isn’t sacked out on Dineen’s couch, though they both live in California, so they must be close. For those of you who don’t know Brandilyn Collins, get off the porch! She is the unofficial Queen of Christian Suspense. She’s broken new ground for those of us who want to write good fiction and also want to write for our Lord. Dineen Miller has interviewed Brandilyn on her blog, Kittens Come from Eggs (which won the unoffical award for “most original blog name”). The link is on the right. No, down a little. No, that’s her website, which is also really cool. There ya go! Now click! Go! Oh, wait, you don’t see this anymore if you’ve clicked. Come back! I wanted to tell you about my homework assignment–a paper about the World Trade Organization. You wouldn’t want to miss that would you?


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7 responses to “Brandilyn Collins at Dineen’s Place

  1. It was an awesome interview! D comes up with such good questions. Unlike me who takes 90 minutes to come up with the stupidest questions in Christendom.


  2. Actually, the WTO, World Bank, and other international organizations are ripe for corruption and scandal. They’d make a great backdrop to a good suspense.