Top Ten Reasons Parents Go Batty

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Kid cryingTop 10 reasons parents go batty

10. Their child is the only kid in the world who has never, ever been informed of an upcoming exam.

9. A note that says “do the dishes” is not enough. We must inform the child what he or she is “doing” with the dishes.

8. Every dog ever brought home is accompanied with a child’s promise of a daily walk. A child does not realize that “daily” goes beyond today.

7. While dad is walking the dog and mom is doing the dishes, a child will have an emotional meltdown because he or she is bored.

6. Teenagers will often lament that they cannot locate a clean pair of pants anywhere in the two foot layer of dirty clothes that serves as their bedroom floor.

5. We’ve discovered that it takes far less energy to clean the basement ourselves because it requires only one trip down the stairs, whereas ordering a child to do it requires at least twenty.

4. Every child “needs” something until three months later when an upgraded version of something hits the stores.

3. Upgraded versions of somethings are never compatible with the $2000 worth of games you bought for the previous something.

2. We pay for cell phones and service so that our little cherubs can text ten-thousand messages per month to their BFF who sits on the bus next to them every morning.

And the #1 reason parents go batty…

1. The hysterical laughter we hear fromĀ our parents when telling them our problems.

Happy Friday. Go hug your dog and take your kids for a walk.


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