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The Extroverted WriterI don’t do a lot of book reviews here. I figure you’ve got Amazon and Goodreads for that. However, an e-book I read recently cuts near and dear to my writer/marketer heart.

Amanda Luedeke, literary agent over at Chip MacGregor’s agency, took every bit of the platform creation advice she’d been handing out to writers over her career and put it all into one neat package. The Extroverted Writer, an Author’s Guide to Building and Marketing a Platform is one of those books you’ll want to make a permanent part of your reference library.

Your Writing Platform – step by step

Amanda explains every aspect of social networking, blogging, and web site creation and how the writer should use them. She even breaks it down between fiction and non-fiction writers. This was important to me because there seems to be little in print about platform creation for the fiction writer (I discovered that “because I have kids in college” is not a good platform).

You’ll also appreciate this e-book because Amanda kept it compact. You can read the entire thing in a couple of sittings or just skip around. She even tells you what social networking sites are not essential to your platform. Thank goodness. I can get rid of Vine.

Market Yourself!

I love marketing, especially when it involves the internet and social networks. I’ve used it successfully for our small family business, where we make trailer hitches. Hey, if you can use social networking to sell trailer hitches, you can do it to sell books.

Marketing has never been easier for the novelist, but you have to develop your network long before your book is published. Remember, if an editor sees you as less of a risk, she’s more likely to buy your book. And nothing says low risk like ten-thousand devoted twitter followers.

So go ahead and part with $5. You’ll be glad you did. Tweet me to let me know how you liked it. I’m @RonEstrada. (See what I did there? Yeah, this stuff works!)


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