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imageTop 10 Sub-Genres that must be written:

10. Amish Zombie Apocalyptic – Buggies with Dead Horses

9. Civil War Sci-fi – The Laser on Little Round Top

8. Serial Killer Romance – Never Kill on the First Date

7. Espionage Zombies – The Spy Who Crawled Out of the Grave

6. Chick Lit Techo-thrillers – She’s All Out of Uranium (Ashley Stockingdale #74)

5. YA Nuclear Disaster – Attack of the 50 Foot ‘rents (or The Eyes in the Back of Mommy’s Head)

4. Southern Romance Psychological Thriller – Georgia Lambs are Never Silent

3. Children’s Police Procedural – If You Give a Mouse a 9mm Beretta

2. Zombie Romance – Eating His Chocolate Eyes

And the #1 Sub-Genre that must be written…

1. Mommy Porn Cozies – The Cat Who Learned to Knock First

Got any to add?

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