Top 10 reasons to visit New York

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Elmo in Times SquareTop 10 reasons to visit New York

10. You had no idea Elmo hugged for tips.

9. Subway platforms identified by street name, color code, and musical genre.

8. Free range rats.

7. NBC not only makes crappy TV shows, they have an entire gift store to commemorate them.

6. Going to the Village to play “name that gender.”

5. Waiting three hours to go to the top of a building you just flew over.

4. Searching for the Soup Nazi.

3. So you can laugh hysterically at every movie scene with someone biking or running alone through the peaceful tranquility of Central Park.

2. The ice cream trucks and that it’s perfectly acceptable to spend $8 on a soft serve cone.

And the #1 reason to visit New York….

Stopping in twelve different diners and bakeries on your way to the one recommended in the travel guide…It’s the FOOD!


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