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Cross, Bible, and U.S. FlagI’m not even sure where to begin this post. It seems we are the terminal generation of American Christians who are witnessing the dismissal of the church–of Christ Himself–from every aspect of our culture. Though we haven’t come to the point of open hostility against anyone proclaiming the name of Jesus, we have certainly entered into unrestrained mockery and slander against anyone who holds to the truth of the bible.

I could list off examples–the recent cover of The New Yorker, depicting, of all things, Bert and Ernie as a homosexual couple cuddling on a couch as they watch the Supreme Court decision striking down the Family Protection Act. Attacks on anyone suggesting unborn children have as much right to live as their mothers. The in-your-face attitude of the sex and porn industry in this country. Atheists winning more and more lawsuits against any reference to Christianity, not just in government spaces, but anywhere that it may be viewed by non-Christians.

We, the believers in Jesus Christ, are clearly on the defense. We are now in the unhappy position of choosing between allegiance to our country and allegiance to our God. Most of us can sit here in the comfort of our homes and declare that there is no choice, we choose our God.

But the pressure has hardly begun. What will happen on that day we are asked to sign a document declaring our acceptance of the gay lifestyle as a requirement for keeping our position? Can’t happen? Recently, the Department of Justice put out a memo to its employees stating that, in reference to Gay Pride Month, silence is equivalent to disapproval. Workplace policy, in a reversal of our founder’s intentions, now dictates future policy for private companies.

When you are presented with a document declaring your acceptance of the gay lifestyle, which you must sign in order to keep your position, how will you choose? Especially if you know that any company you apply to will have the same requirement.

Public schools already outlaw any discussion of creation. Christianity is painted in a negative light. University professors make public spectacles of any student who doesn’t defer to their viewpoint of secular humanism.

Will more of you opt for home schooling? And what will you do when home schooling is outlawed, as it surely will be in the foreseeable future?

We have tough decisions ahead of us, brothers and sisters. We live in a culture that tolerates us as long as we remain silent. When we voice our opinions, we are relegated to the status of a child throwing a tantrum in the cereal isle. We are pitied for our lack of “enlightenment.” We are mocked for our stance on morality. We are shunned by politicians in both parties who seek “moderation.”

We are truly a people without a nation. The United States has made its choice. We are no longer relevant.

What will you choose this day? God or country? Because it has become clear that the two can no longer coexist.

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