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Abraham and IssacI’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately (dangerous, I know). I find myself wondering what exactly it is I’m supposed to be doing with the time God has given me on this planet. I am a writer, despite my best efforts to claim a title attached to a more profitable lifestyle. Yes, my degree says “engineer” and that’s how I’ve made my living, but I’m one of the 85% of Americans who’ve realized that they’ve made a wrong turn somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve made a good life from my career and do a pretty good job, but if I often find myself wishing I’d tried a little harder (or at all) to make a go of professional writing early in my life. Hey, if I sucked at it, I would have had plenty of time to change majors.

As a Christian, I do believe that God has given me this gift–the love of writing and maybe even a smidgen of talent. He doesn’t hand out gifts and callings without a purpose. And I reckon He really isn’t interested in my ability to make a living with my calling, so long as I use it for His glory.

I would expect that, if God truly wanted to make use of my writing, He’d give me a story that would immediately turn into a best-seller and bring millions of readers closer to a relationship with Him. But that’s my human side. God has a master plan. To make it work, He uses millions and he uses individuals. I think of Abraham. Poor guy waited until he was 99 years old for the son God promised him. Just one son. When it comes down to it, that’s all Abraham had to do–produce a kid. Heck, I’ve produced two (my wife helped). After Isaac was born, Abraham’s job was done.

Sure doesn’t seem like a big accomplishment for a patriarch of three major religions.

But in the eyes of God, Abraham was essential. He moved the plan forward that one small step, but without it, the plan fails.

So why should I think myself any better? If God’s plan for me is to write one blog post that makes one man or woman consider a relationship with Him, then who am I to argue? It could very well be that the one man or woman who comes to Christ after reading my blog post or book turns out to be the next great evangelizer. Perhaps the greatest before Christ’s return. Chances are I’ll never know. My job is to be a good servant, not to reap great rewards.

So I ask myself, what is it that God wants me to write, if my calling is indeed that of “writer.” Perhaps this is it. I’ll go on writing, like Abraham went on serving The Lord, but my role in the Big Plan is complete.

I have to assume, like Esther, that I was put here for such a time as this. Just like every servant of God before me. And if my novels never see the New York Times Bestseller list, that will be fine. I’d much rather stand before Jesus at the throne and say, “When did I feed you? When did I clothe you? When did I visit you?” Or, to be more specific, “What did I write that earned me the right to kneel in Your presence?”

I’d better keep on writing. I’d sure hate to hear that I gave up one day too soon.


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