Top 10 Reasons to Grow a Garden

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Top 10 Reasons to grow a garden:

10. You love zucchini, even though you’ve never bought it from the supermarket.

9. You feel all country-ish with seed catalogs spread out all over the coffee table.

8. Working 10 hours for a free tomato seems like a bargain.

7. You feel charitable showing up to work every day during the month of August with a bagload of free squash.

6. You’ve always wanted to crawl around at 6am with a flashlight, hunting for tomato worms.

5. You have an excuse to wear a John Deere cap.

4. Clean fingernails are overrated.

3. There’s nothing else to do in August, so you may as well weed, pick, and can. Every day.

2. The $500 you spent on seeds, fertilizer, and compost, to grow $200 worth of vegetables is a good investment by government standards.

And the #1 reason to grow a garden…

1. Those survival guys on TV have nothing on a family who can live off nothing but zucchini and pattypan squash for two months.

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