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I like the occasional romp with a dystopian type of novel in keeping with The Hunger Games. Even better is such a novel written within a Christian worldview. Sneak is not your average Tim LeHaye version of the End Times. Angler takes on a whole new approach. Instead of a quick seven year spiral into oblivion, Anger takes us on a much longer journey, one that seems more fitting to our current societal climate. Somewhere in the near–or distant–future, America is under control of a charismatic leader who rules with an iron fist. It is very 1984ish in that regard. However, that’s where the similarity ends. In this future society, everyone must receive “the mark” at age thirteen. If you don’t, you disappear. By the way, not everyone is “fortunate” enough to get the mark. You have to pass a test. Some fail and vanish. Some fail on purpose, or simply don’t show up, and run.

This is the story of one boy who ran, soon to be joined by others like himself. He soon discovers there are thousands, perhaps more, hiding in hearts of the largest cities.

Sneak is for anyone, young adult or not-so-young adult, who loves a good thriller with a Christian message. I gave it four stars. I received a free copy of Sneak in exchange for my review. However, I am under no obligation to give it a good review.

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