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It’s been a busy week. As you’ve gathered by now, I firmly believe that America is in her “fall” side of the rise and fall of the USA. What we’re witnessing is the final arrangement of the chess pieces before the Day of The Lord. We don’t know if it will come next week or in another thousand years, but it’s safe to say that world events are pointing to the final judgement.

Benjamin Netanyahu this week stated that we’re witnessing bible prophecy. This is not just a statement from a right-wing kook (ie. anyone who believes the bible is the word of God and the truth), but from the leader of a modern and very powerful nation.

I will leave Middle East politics to the experts, however. I’ll focus on America, as I do in in my novels.

America has not been so divided, politically, in my almost half-century on this planet. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that half the population would prefer the other half create their own country and move on. There are clearly defined lines between those in favor of a strict constitutional form of government and the progressive (or liberal) form of government. This situation came to a head this week when the federal government shut down. So divided are our representatives on every issue that they cannot even function as a government.

Add to this the continuing debt that has mounted to over $17trillion, nearly half the nation dependent on government
welfare, and a population that is mostly apathetic and ignorant of these issues, and you have the ingredients for an economic collapse that will surely leave this nation fragmented into small, self-contained units.

This is the direction I see America heading. It will be a civil war without war. We will simply divide and turn inward. It will be the pre-Constitution America.

What does this have to do with the End Times? America is not mentioned in any End Time prophecy. This certainly means that America will be irrelevant before the final judgement. We will be irrelevant in the same way that great nations like Rome, Babylon, and Greece became irrelevant. We will simply crumble from within. A nation in debt will fall just as surely as a nation under military attack. Our enemies only need be patient.

As the Church of Christ, we will be responsible for shining the light of truth upon a nation plunging into darkness. We must start today. God can only use us when we fall to our knees and seek His forgiveness. This is true of individual men and women as it is true of nations. America will be driven to her knees. It is up to us direct her prayers so that we will be triumphant, spiritually, in the final judgement.

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