Top 10 Things to do in Germany

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Since I got to spend a week in Germany on company business, I thought I’d provide this public service for future travelers. So here are my Top 10 Things to do in Germany.

10. Order Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest.

9. Watch the horrified expressions when you tell people that you are not an Obama supporter.

8. Drive 50mph down a narrow winding street lined with parked cars while another driver rides your tail.

7. Feel pretty cool doing 130mph on the Autobahn until and old lady in a BMW blows by you like you’re up on blocks.

6. Read ten chapters of your book while waiting for a waitress to notice your presence.

5. Asking Germans to speak into your cell phone mike so Obama can hear them clearly.

4. Saying the numbers 5 and 9.

3. Listen to a German seriously explain why corporations should be taxed more after complaining that a pair of Levi’s costs $120.

2. Learn to appreciate things we take for granted. Like beef.

And the number one thing to do in Germany….

1. Watch a soccer game in a crowded sports bar and yell “hit him!” every few minutes. (Das für Sie, Herr Keller!)


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