The Europe-ization of America

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I recently returned from a week in Germany. As always, I love visiting that country and enjoy the friendliness of its people. The beautiful landscape of the Black Forest area where I stay and some awesome high carb food will lure me back time and time again.

Beneath the beauty, though, the Christian will find something unpleasant. Germany is representative of the new Europe. It is, in fact, the shining jewel of the European Union. So I’m confident that what I say can be assumed for the entire continent.

Christianity, especially fundamentalists like myself, are looked upon with no small amount of pity. We are the fools, the flat-earthers, those who dare question “science” and believe in a literal creation, flood, and resurrection of Christ. No, there is no open hostility toward Christians. There doesn’t need to be. One only need notice the little smirk on a companion’s face when they ask if you believe anything that is the base foundation of our faith.

It is exile within our own land. It is upon that precipice that America stands today. The opinion of a Christian in America is ignored by politicians and businesses alike because we are no longer a majority of the population. I dare say we are no longer a strong minority. We are a fringe. A small, scattered, non-influential gaggle of tin-hats and worshippers of a “sky fairy” who are best left to ourselves, like the crazy uncle who believes the mother ship is enroute but is otherwise harmless.

Yes, I’ve seen the polls that indicate an 85% belief in God, 70% belief in the resurrection, etc. But actions are more indicative of belief. And no single group is more in tune with human activity than America’s advertisers.

Let me ask you–when did you last see a commercial on a major network directed at Christians? Now tell me how many commercials you see on almost a daily basis that focus on a sinful lifestyle? We dare not even call it sin anymore because it’s so prevalent that it–the sin–is actually the fabric of our society. If you doubt that, then why is a major retailer like Target willing to run an ad celebrating the homosexual lifestyle at the risk of offending every Christian in America? The answer is simple–Target knows that there are far more people in favor of the homosexual lifestyle than against it. The Christians are such a minority that we are a non-factor.

This, my friends, is the reason our traditional values will never be given serious consideration in the halls of leadership. No politician will surrender the votes of his or her largest constituency in favor of placating a few Christians. And today, the largest constituency is that of the non-believer, those who will demand their rights to live in opposition to God’s law go unquestioned. More so, they demand laws to protect their chosen lifestyles. I’m not even speaking of homosexuals. I’m speaking of all who would reject God outright and replace Him with an all-providing government. “Let me live with my chosen vice,” they say, “and provide me with all I need to live comfortably while doing so.”

It was once Christian values that championed such ideas as hard work, self-dicipline, family, and personal responsibility. Now we look to values such as government provisision, living care free, freedom from the “bondage” of marriage, and a bailout in the form of debt forgiveness, abortion, or medical care whenever we make a bad choice.

History and human nature have proven, time and time again, that if given an option, people will always choose that which requires less effort and no responsibilty. And this is where we find this new America. It is unrecognizable to those of us who still hold to the values of our founders. It is quite recognizable to the European Christians who have recently wathed their societies cross that same threshold.

I see I did not bring you good news this Sunday morning. It is more of an Old Testament report. But, in fact, it is exactly how God’s plan has been worked out. We are growing closer to that time when not a single new soul on the Earth will bend his knee to God. It is on that day that an ever-patient God will call His saints home and cleanse the Earth of all sin.

It is that day for which we also patiently await. We can suffer the smirks, remembering that we have brothers and sisters throughout the world who suffer far worse, and rest assured that our faith in Christ alone will grant us the final victory.

Enjoy the company of your fellow saints today, my friends. And give praise to the One who tarries until the full number of believers are brought into the fold. It won’t be much longer.

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