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I’ve gone through some philosophical changes over the last several years. I was once a staunch Republican, trusting that those with the (R) after their names would uphold the same values that I do. What I didn’t realize was that I was slowly shaping my values based on the party platform. I think it was the never-ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that finally sent me over the edge. I woke up one day and thought (thinking is key), but I don’t want my country forcing democracy on nations who don’t want it.

That bit of revelation caused to me to consider other key issues.

No, I don’t think we should offer tax breaks to corporations. Actually, why do we tax them at all? I’m the one paying for it in the end.

No, I don’t support projects like No child left behind. You’re the federal government. Education is conducted at the state level. Get out of my classrooms.

No, I don’t believe that our military needs a presence in every country large enough to have its own post office. Let them tend to their business and stop taxing my great grandchildren to pay for these little excursions.

And No, I don’t want to you to “level the playing field.” Freedom doesn’t mean fairness. Tax all equally if you must tax them at all and let us succeed or fail according to our own efforts, talents, and abilities.

What I see going on in our federal and state governments today is an ongoing contest to see who can control my life the most efficiently. May I boldly suggest that I’m far more intelligent than the collective gaggle of them and perfectly capable of running my own life? And if my neighbor needs help, I’ll handle it. Since you’ve stopped taxing me to make war on poverty, drugs, obesity, carbon, and the aforementioned post-office-bearing-countries, I can easily afford to pay my neighbor’s electric bill until he gets back on his feet.

I’ve been criticized as a tea partier for being the “spoiler” in state and national elections. May I suggest, my friends of the Ruling Class, that it is you acting as spoilers for any candidate who honestly seeks a return to the Constitutional limits on government that made this the most prosperous nation on Earth. And let me pause here for the idiot who is about to declare that the Constitution was written by white slave owners. The anti-slave drafters of the Constitution could not win that battle in 1786. If they had pushed the issue, the nation would have remained divided into 13 colonies and would have fallen quickly into the hands of the Spaniards, the French, and our old friends from England. And by the way, I believe it was white Christians who continually fought for the freedom of the slaves for the next 80 years. And no, the Civil War was not about slavery. I’ll post on that another time. Yeah, the South was in the right, said the Michigander.

I digress.

I suspect that I and my Gadsten flag-waving friends are now considered rebels. Odd that. It seems we’re the ones playing by the rules, getting jobs, working hard, raising families. All the while getting stuck with the bill for the other half of the country that refuses to play by the rules. I wonder how many are feeding welfare checks into the Detroit casino slot machines as I write this in the middle of a Wednesday. By all means, tax me more so that they can move up to the blackjack tables.

I am frustrated for good reason. The producers in this country are being labeled as the enemy. We’ve done everything our teachers, pastors, and parents told us to do, yet we’re mocked by our leaders in Washington, the media, and the entertainment industry. This, in the prophetic writings of so many before us, will lead to the demise of this nation.

Perhaps there are a few of us left who have the strength to stop the attack on our Christian values. The only thing I’m really good at is writing. So that will be my weapon. What about you? Can you tap into your inner-rebel? Individually, we’re weak. But together, we can change history.

Liberty or death, my friends. Until we meet again.

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