Top 10 Government Disasters Bigger than Obamacare

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Top 10 Government Programs that were bigger disasters than Obamacare:

10. The Jimmy Carter Peanuts in Every School Lunch Program.

9. The George W. Bush No Child Left Behind at the Rapture Program.

8. The Abraham Lincoln General for a Day Program.

7. The Committee for Truth in Campaign Advertising.

6. The Anthony Weiner Adult Behavioral Education Program.

5. National Day of Twerking.

4. The Clinton-Kennedy Women are People Too! Program.

3. The Senator Robert Byrd Committee on Flushing out Racism Among Conservatives.

2. The Just Blame Bush Committee on Leadership.

And the number 1 Government Program that was a bigger disaster than Obamacare….

1. The Budget Committee…oh wait, that one’s real. Oh well, I call ’em like I see ’em!

Feel free to add your favorite government disaster in the comments!

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