Dystopian America

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My writing has made many course alterations, as is typical of most writers. We love to write, after all, and would happily write in any genre. I’ve even written an unpublished romantic suspense…and told by my female associates that I did quite well with those scenes, romantic fool that I am.

Eventually, writers follow that path of their genre experiments to a point where they all merge. Not to say that anyone can write an all-genre book, but favorite elements of each come to play in the novel that will finally brand the author. When I look back at my writing and reading credits, which are littered with mysteries, sci-fi, historical, thriller, horror, and even literary, I find I’ve been picking my path toward a version of dystopian fiction that I hope will be unique.

Dystopian, of course, is a rendering of a society that has taken a turn for the worse. Orwell’s 1984 is the classic example. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is probably a step closer to my preference, though I will certainly not hold to her strict libertarian, atheistic principles.

In my dystopian America, I see a rejection of the central authority and a return to pre-Constitutional America. In other words, a complete mess.

My vision is not that of the post-Apocalyptic disaster that seems so prevalent in cinema. Most societies collapse under the weight of their own governments, as will ours. We will become a collection of tribes, each fighting to gain a larger share from their neighbor. A lawless culture that has no moral grounding. In my vision of America, it is the turning away from God that acts as the catalyst for our downfall. Or a turning from moral standards if you prefer that secular argument. The end result is the same.

Among these tribes will exist a remnant of the faithful. These are my heroes. They will struggle against impossible odds to return the savage American back to his Christian roots, the faith that once brought him prosperity beyond measure. All the while, a distant, increasingly oppressive central government will continue to tighten its grip on her colonies and reign in the Christian rebels–the haters as they call them.

My apologies now for those who prefer a simple war or EMP strike to light the fuse on their dystopian worlds. Perhaps another series. For now, I’ll stick with what I see directly before me.

Until tomorrow.

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One response to “Dystopian America

  1. I think, rather than tribes, the current nation will fracture into 3-5 distinct new countries. The new Midwest country, comprising primarily of the original Louisiana Territory and the Great Lakes states will dominate, primarily because if its Puritan work ethic and strong government centered in Texas.