Top 10 Indications that you’re dating a writer

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Most writers don’t come right out and admit it. So, as a public service, I feel it is my duty to save you from a lot of heartache and poverty down the road. So, I give you my top 10 Indications that you’re dating a writer.

10. He sometimes wonders aloud if there’s a body in the trunk of the car in front of him.

9. Her cats are named Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

8. He says he can only marry someone with excellent editing skills.

7. She’s read the opening line of every book released since 1987.

6. His texts contain a hook, inciting incident, turning point, and dark moment of the soul.

5. All of her paperbacks are highlighted and sticky-noted.

4. He took notes during the movie on your first date.

3. She says she wants to date other men for research purposes.

2. He refers to the quarters in a football game as “scenes.”

And the number 1 indication that you’re dating a writer…

1. On October 31st, she tells you she’s busy until December.

Happy National Novel Writer’s Month.

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