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I’ve watched as my conservative friends grow almost giddy over the predictable failure of the Affordable Care Act (aka. Obamacare). I’ve partaken of a bit of the giddiness myself. After all, this is the liberal dream. The first huge step toward their utopian society. And it’s crashing under its own bureaucratic weight.

Let’s not get too excited.

Conservatives fail to grasp the long term strategy of the progressive mind. People of socialistic intent know that most of their short-term plans will fail. They also know that, in a society where the average individual’s hindsight only spans several months, they only need offer solutions to the problems they created to be hailed as heroes. Even if it means dismantling their horrific plans, they will be viewed as the saviors of our nation.

I give you Franklin D. Roosevelt, a man who is credited with pulling us out of the Great Depression and winning the Second World War. Few will remember that it was FDR who approved price controls and other such barbaric measures that, in truth, extended the Depression. When faced with a similar situation in 1921, Calvin Coolidge did the unthinkable. Nothing. The economy roared back in one year. Old Calvin is all but forgotten by our historians. Quiet heroes just don’t excite us.

Obamacare will be a grand success. Just as Social Security, Medicaire, the Department of Education, and Amtrak are all grand success stories. One only need to point and say, “Look how much worse off we would have been without it.” It’s an argument that cannot be defeated. Economics is the study of human behavior. There are no real equations, only and endless stream of graphs and charts that all point to different outcomes. So it is easy to manipulate data and present them in a manner that best suits your purpose.

These brilliant fools we elect to power know this. They know that the how and why of their programs are understood. It is simply that they get done. Get the bill written. Sign it. Why bother to read something that is essentially meaningless? Nancy Pelosi is no fool. Her aspirations are accomplished. Brilliantly. Another wedge has been placed between the masses and this outdated notion of liberty and freedom. That is the ultimate goal.

Does this make Nancy and her colleagues evil? Of course not. They truly believe that they have our best intentions at heart. Ensuring health care, food, and housing for all? Of course that is the right thing to do. One only has to put aside the truth that no man is willing to work for the benefit of society. A man works to provide for himself and family. Communism fails because every man reduces his efforts to the least common denominator. Socialism, or progressiveism, is only a step toward communism, so the same rules apply. The smart liberal knows that, somewhere, there is a breaking point. Whether it is the stripping away of 40% of a man’s income or 80%, the smart liberal will nudge up to that point as close as possible before slowing his advancement.

In the next few years, the progressives will come up with many brilliant plans to fix Obamacare. Conservatives will try to stop them and, in turn, receive the blame for all of the problems. Never mind that the original bill passed on straight party lines, only those who fail to push it through will find the wrath of the public come Election Day.

Don’t be despaired, my friends. First, we know that a final Judge will put an end to this foolishness one day. Second, all Great Societies eventually collapse under their own social and moral decay. Ours will be no different. Hopefully, from the ashes, we can rebuild. This is the vision of the dystopian novelist. A conservative never abandons hope. Brilliant fools have been in the business of destroying civilizations since a man first made himself king.

We only require faith that our God is the ultimate King and that our freedom is only dictated by our willingness to fight.

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