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As I understand the rules of blodgom, I am required to write something about Thanksgiving today. Perhaps a long list of the things and people I’m thankful for. Or maybe a short history lesson on the Pilgrim’s voyage that draws a clever parallel to our own spiritual voyage. I always get hung up on the part about the football game.

I’m not going to do either of those. Don’t worry, neither am I going to join the liberal fundamentalists who must insist that everything with the word “American” and\or “Tradition” in it must be inherently evil and that we should spend tomorrow turning our homes over to the Cherokees and renouncing the book of Matthew as hatespeech.

Nope. Not gonna do any of that. I’m gonna vent.

I know better than to question God, but I will. Why, God, is it that people who work their butts off to do the right thing often fail miserably? Even after reading every book written by both Zig Ziglar and Seth Godin, I have friends who still struggle to put a chicken breast on the table, let alone a 20 lb. Butterball complete with little red popper-upper thingy to let you know when it’s done.

Why are there people out there who spend every waking hour trying to destroy the reputation of good people? Yes, I know American politics is a contact sport, but it doesn’t end there. We have passed this wondrous mercy-is-for-the-weak mentality onto our children, who can spout venomous lies as well as any supermarket tabloid.

Speaking of politics…why do 99% of our “leaders” turn to broad generalizations of the citizens who oppose their views? Believing something is wrong doesn’t mean you hate the people doing it. Never understood people who liked those ugly hairless cats, but I’m sure they’re very nice folks otherwise.

Why are people allowed to give one-star ratings on Amazon because the delivery was late?

Why do we make excuses for kids who knock innocent bystanders over the head?

Why don’t we just stop putting all the emphasis on spending money every Christmas?

Why don’t we say No more often to our kids and Yes more often to the charities who come to our door?

Why do people who don’t believe in God find it necessary to save me?

I should probably stop there. The truth is, none of this is unique to our generation. Jesus came here 2000 years ago for a good reason. Those people were screwed up. This generation is no better. Yet, every day, I see love and compassion pouring out of complete strangers. A guy saves a dog. A kid returns a lost wallet. A Pope embraces a disfigured man.

This is what Jesus did for us–plop himself down into the mud, pull us to Him, and dirty himself with our shame. When we do the same for those “beneath” us–the slanderer, the politician, the troubled kids, our own kids, the atheists–then we’ve had a taste of what it means to love as Jesus loves.

When we’ve had nothing to be thankful for, yet give what little we have to someone undeserving, then we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for anyone who reads my blog. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

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