Top 10 Better Ways to Spend Black Friday

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After spending one Black Friday standing outside a Target store at 3am to save $100 off a TV, I have waged a one-man war against this intrusion on my sleep. Not to mention my wallet.

So I give you my top 10 better ways to spend Black Friday…

10. Watch the last half of the football game you slept through yesterday.

9.  Take out your Christmas gift list and cross off the relatives who annoyed you yesterday.

8.  Find a new hobby…like blogging.

7.  Eat all the leftover turkey on one sandwich before your wife gets home from shopping.reindeer_christmas_tie

6.  Go online to find the perfect embarrassing Christmas tie.

Christmas-Sweater5. Ditto the Sweater

4. Attempt to untangle the Christmas lights.

3. Call your wife and tell her to get Christmas lights as long as she’s out.

2. Load up A Christmas Story and put it on continuous loop for the next month.


And the number one better way to spend Black Friday…

1. Make your annual trip to the gym.

Happy Day After! For goodness sakes, sleep in!






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