Top 10 Reasons to Read Dystopian Fiction

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Now that I’ve switched gears from mystery to dystopian, I thought I’d give you some reasons to give my favorite genre a try. So I give you my top 10 reasons to read dystopian fiction…

10. Practical tips for planning the overthrow of your government.

9. Great recipes for grilling rat over a 50-gallon drum.

8. If you live in California you’ll feel much better about your state government.

7. You’ll learn to eye your TV suspiciously whenever you enter the living room.

6. Even discussing the grocery list will be done in dark places unlikely to be monitored.

5. You’ll begin labeling items in your home that may be used for bartering later on.

4. You’ll finally develop the sullen, paranoid look you’ve always wanted.

3. Your stockpile of ammunition will be the envy of the PTA.

2. Your six year-old will be the first to start a black market in her Brownie troop.

and the number one reason to read dystopian fiction…

1. Because every child dreams of solar-ovens, non-hybrid vegetable seeds, and short-wave radios under the Christmas tree.

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