Top 10 Christmas Specials we hope we never see

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In honor of of what was probably the most colossal of bad network ideas in the history of history, the Lady Gaga & Muppets Holiday Spectacular , I give you a list of top 10 Christmas Specials we hope we never see. ABC executives, feel free to print this and hang it over your desks.

10. A Walking Dead Christmas Down Under!

9. Anthony Weiner’s “A Dicken’s Christmas.”

8. Breaking Bad Christmas on Ice.

7. Willie Degel’s Family Christmas Stakeout.

6. It’s a Charlie Sheen Christmas!

5. Rob Ford’s White Christmas in Toronto.

4. The NSA Presents “We see you when you’re sleeping!”

3. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson present “It’s ALWAYS a %$@&! White Christmas!”

2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “A Night in Bethlehem.”

and the #1 Christmas Special we hope we never see…

1. Miley Cirus and a Winnie the Pooh Bare Christmas.

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