52 Books Warm-up and Give-away

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Paige SheltonEvery Monday in 2014 I’ll give a 52 Books Update. I’ll tell you what I’ve read and you can reply with what you’ve read. And be sure to tell us how you liked your book! I’ll also announce contests and prizes. So be sure to check in every Monday.

But let’s start with a little warm-up, shall we?

I’ll give away an electronic copy of Paige Shelton’s A Merry Market Murder this Friday. Paige has become one of my favorite mystery writers. And what a fun book to read over the Christmas holiday. Be sure to check out her Country Cooking School Mysteries as well (there are ghosts…the fun kind).

How do you win?

Simply share this post on facebook, twitter, Google+, or on your blog. You get one point per day per post (So if you shared on all four, you’d get four points that day, but if you shared it twenty times in one day, you wouldn’t get extra points, but you’re welcome to do so!). On Friday, comment on this post how many points you earned. Winner gets the book!

Our goal, of course, is to get people reading. I can’t do this alone. I need all of you to spread the word.
Be sure to join the 52 Books Challenge. We’ll have a lot of fun in 2014 and get America reading!

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2 responses to “52 Books Warm-up and Give-away

  1. Ron, I already signed up for 52 Books in 2014, I read your blog, I read your FB posts, I shared your 52 Books on my FB page, so sign me up for four points already. Also, may I beg and whine for free copies of anything you have? I can add to our collection. Actually, how do I get a free copy of the first book in this author’s series? I think it would go well in Pinconning.