The Collapse of an Economy

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I’ve come to the conclusion that the great empires throughout history did not fall under the weight of massive debt or at the hands of of foreign enemies. They collapsed under the weight of governmental lies and a population that simply didn’t want to deal with the inconvenience of questioning their leaders.

Last week we were informed that Congress agreed to a budget deal. Both Democrats and Republicans “reached across the aisle” and signed a budget that would cut $20billion of spending in ten years. No, not over ten years. In ten years. Apparently, they didn’t just reach across the aisle, they bootstomped across it, crushing the spines of hundreds of millions of Americans, present and future, in their euphoria.

As outlandishly ridiculous as that deal was, it should not have surprised any of us. It’s been clear for decades that we now have a system that rewards politicians for doing the wrong thing. Spend a few billion dollars that you don’t have on the right special interest, and you’re guaranteed lots of campaign contributions during the next election. Dare to cut any of those programs and you are the Devil incarnate.

But we know that’s how politics works in America. This is not news. We have a corrupt system full of corrupt men and women who will never do what needs to be done to prevent our certain demise.

What astonishes me is the glee among the general population. The only thing that we hear is that the two parties came together in agreement. Isn’t that glorious? As I recall, Germany and Japan once came together in agreement. At least they were more forthcoming with their intentions.

Let’s put this “deal” in perspective. Our government now averages a $1trillion deficit. That’s every year folks. To be kind, I’ll go back to G.W. Bush’s best year, when we posted $300billion deficit. Over ten years, that’s $3trillion. Congress promises to cut $20billion from their spending in ten years (when most will be out of office or when we will have forgotten this deal).

That “cut” amounts to 0.6% of the total deficit over ten years. And that’s being very, very, generous. In reality, the deficits will be much higher than $300billion and, if we can find an honest congressman or President to admit it, the $30billion will never happen. We will see the usual increase in spending, as we always have.

So why are Americans and the media happy about this? Honestly, I believe they’ve given up. It’s easier to put the blinders on and pretend everything is under control. And who can blame them? Look at what happens to anyone who dares to speak up. You are labeled a terrorist, a racist, a homophobe, a kicker of small puppies. You are treated like the crazy uncle. Not to be taken seriously.

You can point all day long at the naked Emporer, but no one will listen to you. You are clearly out of touch, uninformed, and ignorant.

But we’re $17trillion in debt, you say. It’s not important. You’re not smart enough to understand why. Go about your business. Nothing to see here.

And so we conform to ignorance. Like the characters in any dystopian novel, we know all is wrong, but pretend all is right and pray that we’ll survive long enough to enjoy a decent burial.

Hold on to your faith, my friends. It is the only thing of value you have left.

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