Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Writers

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10. A year supply of chocolate covered coffee beans.

9. A chocolate-covered-coffee-bean grinder.

8. A promissory note to never ask them when their book will be published.

7. Cat repellent to spray on their keyboards.

6. One of those portable fire pits in which to hold ceremonial rejection letter burnings.

5. Ten minutes alone with the guy who gave them a one-star Amazon review because UPS damaged the box.

4. A list of homeless shelters in St. Louis so she doesn’t have to sleep in her car at the ACFW Conference.

3. For the romance writer in your life, a book of eye-color descriptions that does not include “chocolate.”

2. The ability to hack into facebook accounts so that they can correct spelling and grammar errors.

and the number 1 Christmas Gift for Writers…

1. Read our stupid blog posts and tell us how witty, funny, and brilliant we are!

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