The Day After

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IMG_0729I think it sometime around my 30th year upon this earth that I stopped suffering the post-Christmas blues. I think, in part, it was about then that I accepted Jesus Christ into my life and understood that I celebrated His birth and life every day. But it was also because I began to challenge myself in the year ahead. I stopped looking at what had past and started looking at what lie before me. I get a double whammy of introspection because my birthday falls on December 30th (Amazon gift cards are always welcome).

This year we celebrate a quick power recovery after the ice storm. We were only down during the day on Sunday. Many of our friends are still without power. The ice, combined with an almost continual snowfall since Tuesday, has created quite the winter wonderland around these parts.

For those of you, like me, who are fortunate enough to have a break between Christmas and New Years, this is the time to lay down plans. I’d like to share some of mine with you. Maybe you’d like to join me in some of these goals.

Super G (Gina Conroy for you latecomers) and I are planning a major facelift with Writer…Interrupted, the website Gina started and, for reasons only she can understand, invited me to lend a hand. We’ll focus on writing craft and attempt to complete a novel in six months, posting each step of the process along the way. Since I am more of a planner and she is more of a panster (seat of the pants), we’ll offer variations for each step. We’ll also include the use of Scrivener in our novel planning and writing. More details on that later, but it should be a great site for the aspiring novelist.IMG_0706

I’ve launched my 52 Books Challenge to encourage or TV saturated society to read a book a week in 2014 (and beyond). Be sure to “Like” the 52 Books facebook page. It should be a lot of fun.

I plan on completing Camp Dogs, book one of my Tradewinds Series. The series falls under the spec fiction category, even though it takes place in the near future, after the Last Great Crash of the U.S. economy. It’s a story of survival and new beginnings. Not quite a full-blown dystopian, maybe post-apocalyptic. I’m loving the story so far and I hope you will as well. My goal is to have it complete and edited by July 1st.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into self-publishing. I prefer to start out with traditional publishing, but will certainly want to expand, which seems to be the trend these days. There’s a lot of opportunity out there for writers. It just makes sense to explore every avenue.

My work at Hensley Mfg. continues on. I’m working on a new website for the TrailerSaver (5th wheel hitch) division. The company has made a nice comeback after 2008. And it provides me with steady revenue for technical writing and marketing.

Copper Update


Copper is recovering nicely. The gaping hole on his rump there is actually how the vet wants it to look. Apparently, when the bruised skin on a dog dies off, they simply peel it away and allow the open skin to heal on its own for a while. I take him in tomorrow, where they will pull the remaining skin together and close it up. Kind of like a facelift. We were told he may have a small bald spot remaining. I can live with that. He’s been full of what a friend of ours refers to as Piss & Vinegar. It’s been hard to keep him still. He’s ready to run in his yard again and give the cats a good run as well.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks after he was attacked by the German Shepherds. The owner of those dogs is being cooperative, by the way, and I expect he’ll pay the vet bills without an argument.

Oddly, Copper seems to gravitate toward me in the evenings. We are, after all, fellow warriors who did battle together. Though this warrior may be carrying pepper spray and a baseball bat during our walks from now on. I have no qualms about taking down the enemy.

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