Top 10 things to do between Christmas and New Years

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Tardis in Christmas Tree

Christmas is over. New Years is sill a few days away, so I offer you my top 10 ways to spend the week between Christmas and New Years…

10. Join a gym so you’ll have someplace to shower when there’s a power outage.

9.  Invite all the neighborhood kids over to devour the leftover goodies (then send them home).

8.  Wrap all the gifts you don’t like so you can re-gift them next Christmas.

7.  Figure out how to use your new electronics…but give up by New Years.

6.  Put up a “Countdown ’till school starts” calendar to torture your kids.

5.  Take down the lights before the neighborhood association levies a fine (and you didn’t even know you were in an association).

4.  Install the new surround sound while your wife is out so she won’t see where you had to drill the holes.

3.  Stuff all the ornaments randomly into various boxes, thus continuing the traditional ornament  hunt next December.

2.  Use all your gift cards on groceries before you forget you have them.

and the number 1 thing to do during the week between Christmas and New Years…

1. Go out and buy all the stuff you didn’t get.

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3 responses to “Top 10 things to do between Christmas and New Years

  1. This one was a really good list. Happy New Year. If you don’t know I am your Mom’s neighbor 2 doors down. I just love Ann so much what a sweetie.