Top 10 Ways to Pay off our $17trillion Debt

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National-debtEven though we’ve been informed the debt is under control, I’d like to offer a few suggestions to speed up the process. So, as a service to our President and Congress, here are my Top 10 Ways to Pay off our $17trillion debt…

10. Charge a “protection fee” on all countries housing U.S. troops.

9. Eliminate John Boehner’s tanning salon allowance.

8. Cut federal benefits from anyone listing “Mortal Combat 2” as a skill.

7. Legalize pot and pass a huge tax bill on it while everyone is still celebrating.

6. Charge congressmen and senators one month’s pay every time they introduce a bill.

5. Continue to fund Sesame Street, but make them share half their product revenue with the taxpayers.

4. Make university students sell overpriced candy and popcorn to fund their research projects.

3. Lease the starboard side of U.S. Aircraft Carriers to Carnival Cruise Lines and charge guests to paint the hulls.

2. Offer amnesty to all illegal aliens for an $850,000 entrance fee.

and the #1 way to pay off our $17trillion debt…

1. Hire a collection agency to call every elected official at least as often as they call us during an election year.

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