Top 10 Reasons to Read 52 Books this Year

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Apparently, some of you people need incentive to join the 52 Book Challenge. Allow me to offer you my top 10 reasons to read 52 books this year…

10. Mid-term election commercials begin…now.

9. It will be like taking 52 vacations to places you’ve never been.

8. When the family demands dinner, you can say you’ve fallen behind in your book count.

7. The look on your neighbor’s face when those Amazon drones hover at your front door every week.

6. Alcoholism and depression among librarians are at all-time highs.

5. Breaking Bad is done. No, it’s not coming back.Many books

4. Did I mention it’s an election year? Nothing scares politicians more than people who read.

3. Average of 6 characters per book times 52 equal 312 new friends.

2. Did I mention it’s an election year? All the sitcoms turn into one continuous campaign ad.

and the number 1 reason to read 52 books this year…

1. Approximately 50,000 writers who may have to take jobs operating heavy equipment.

Take the 52 Book Challenge! Like our facebook page and join the fun (it gets a bit competitive, but no fights so far).

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