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I first discovered Paige Shelton when her first Country Cooking School novel, If Fried Chicken Could Flyappeared in my mother-in-law’s front door book-basket. This is the basket where she leaves the books she’s read. Any of us who stop over are free to take whatever strikes our fancy. One does not simply walk out of her house without perusing the book basket offerings.

I’m a bit of a cozy mystery fan. It’s a nice break from some of the Harry Bosch novels I read from time to time. But when Paige introduced a cowboy ghost named Jake, I found myself completely immersed in her story and her great characters. One would think that having a ghost as your partner during a murder investigation is cheating, but Paige laid down some rules. Apparently, being a ghost has it’s downside (like being dead, for example).

I’m proud to have this great author as our guest this week. I’ll let Paige take it from here. <><


Thanks, Ron, for letting me stop by!

Happy 2014! Am I the only one who thinks that number sounds science fiction-y? 2013 didn’t seem unreal at all, but for some crazy reason 2014 feels futuristic.  Weird.

I frequently get asked to tell the story of how I became published author. I wrote a blog post for my agent’s site that tells the first part of the story. Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://bookendslitagency.blogspot.com/2010/04/paige-shelton-on-getting-published.html

But, now that it’s 2014, there’s a little more to tell. My first book, FARM FRESH MURDER, published in 2010 – that book and the following two were sold in 2008, so, basically, it still takes time to get a book on the shelves. Except when it doesn’t. – or when it feels like time is warp speeding by. Now, it’s four years after that first book, and the fifth book in the series just published last month. I’ve also got three books from a Country Cooking series in the world too, and two new series in 2015. When things get going, they really get going. It just that getting going can take a long time, thirteen years in my case.

As we begin the year, we are also in the middle of what I think is one of the biggest publishing transformations we’ve ever seen – ebooks, self-publishing, Barnes and Noble struggling; these things will, in my estimation, make 2014 off the charts with changes. We’ll see, I suppose. I’m extremely fortunate in that I love my agent and my editors and my two publishers. It’s been a good and fleeting six years, and from the bottom of my heart I thank my readers for making it possible.

So, basically, though 2014 really isn’t futuristic because it is now, time continues to fly and tomorrow will always bring surprises. May your surprises only be good ones.

Best –

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