Top 10 Observations from the Jury Box

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This last week, I had the opportunity to serve on a jury. While there, I noticed a lot of little details about jury duty that I’d never realized. So, here are my Top 10 Observations from the Jury Box

10. Judges and their clerks are responsible for the current global sticky-note shortage.

9. Most of the people sitting in the courtroom are just passing the time while waiting for another appointment.

8. Defense attorneys should be eligible for “Best Actor/Actress” at the Academy Awards.

7. Jury rooms are maintained at 48 degrees to ensure quick deliberations.

6. Yes, the jurors laugh hysterically as soon as they get into the jury room.

5. Unlike TV, attorneys seem completely surprised at what their own witnesses have to say.

4. The clerks will usher you into the jury room and say “The judge just needs a couple of minutes.” You will not see her again for at least an hour.

3. The selection of jury foreman is a very serious decision…we picked the woman sitting closest to the bench (while she was in the bathroom).

2. The person sitting behind the defense table and taking copious notes is the one paying for the defense attorney.

and my #1 Observation from the Jury Box…

1. Even the best judge is unable to control her eye-rolling reflexes. Everyone has their breaking point.

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