Top 10 things Southerners may not realize about Up North Living.

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Top 10 things Southerners may not realize about Up North living.

10. We frequently get out of our cars at red lights. Don’t panic, we’re only snapping the ice from our windshield wipers.

9. We destroy at least one Christmas light extension cord with the first snow blowing of the winter.

8. We stress out over the very real possibility that we’ll run out of windshield wiper fluid.

7. If you see a guy wiping his windshield with snow, he ran out of windshield wiper fluid.

6. The average life expectancy of a January car wash is 6 minutes.

5. We like to buy snowmobiles, swimming pools, motorcycles, and other expensive items that we can only use three months out of the year.

4. A tip-up is not a bonus for your waitress. It’s to let us know when a fish has interrupted our beer drinking.

3. If you see hundreds of us standing outside and staring up at the sky, it’s not the second coming. It’s the first sunny day over 50 degrees.

2. We say goodbye to our next-door neighbors on Halloween because we won’t see them again until April.

and the number one thing Southerners may not realize about Up North living…

1. We like to retire, move south, then complain about how y’all drive in the snow, but we really don’t know how to, either. It’s a crap shoot.

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2 responses to “Top 10 things Southerners may not realize about Up North Living.

  1. LoL. I am guilty of making comments about southern drivers. I was a northern girl until 10 years ago (and still miss it).

    • Ha. After I lived in Michigan for a while, I noticed that a) everyone panics with an inch of snow on the road and b) everyone complains about all the other drivers who don’t know how to handle it. The reality is that the big “secret” is to drive slow.