Top 10 Valentine’s cards we could have really used…

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Top 10 Valentine’s cards we could have really used…

Time for a reality check. Here are my top 10 “inside the card” lines for Valentine’s Day:

10. It’s either that or I start feeling empathy with The Bachelorette contestants.

9. I start my diet tomorrow…I promise!

8. You married me…so it’s kind of assumed.

7. Because chocolate is cheaper than child support.

6. Because someone has to wear the title of World’s Luckiest Girl and it might as well be you!

5. The rash is only temporary.

4. And if my father asks, you do not have a job that involves a paper hat and headset.

3. It’s not like you’re getting better offers.

2. I do own at least one t-shirt without a Dr. Who reference.

and the number one Valentine’s card we could have really used…

1. It’s okay…I reversed the restraining order yesterday.

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