Top 10 Signs that Winter is Almost Over

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It’s March. Yes, it’s true. And we know what that means, right? Here are my top 10 signs that winter is almost over…

10. You welcome the new neighbors and find out they’ve been living there for years.

9. You’re peeling off six layers of clothes to try on swimsuits at the mall.

8. You posted a photo of melting ice on facebook.

7. You sacrifice a snowman during the vernal equinox.

6. You catch your kid praying for a snow day and you ground her for the next twenty summers.

5. You stop referring to your dogs and cats as “Emergency Rations.”

4. Your pothole-avoiding alternate routes take you ten miles off course.

3. Before driving onto a dirt road, you test the depth with a long stick.

2. You come home to discover your wife washing and waxing the lawn mower.

and the #1 sign that winter is almost over…

1. You can finally stop pre-heating the bed.

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