Top 10 Reasons to Self-Publish

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There’s been much talk of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. So I thought I’d offer my Top 10 reasons to self-publish…

10. You can call yourself an “indie” author, which sounds really cool and normals won’t have any idea what you mean.

9. Listening to your relatives say, “No…what do you really do for a living.”

8. Send out PDF files of your books as Christmas gifts.

7. Your seven devoted readers will form a cult with you as their leader.

6. You can totally dominate a twitter hashtag and call it “marketing.”

5. No one will stop you from using a jacket photo of your face superimposed onto Chris Hemsworth’s body.

4. You can wear cargo shorts and Dr. Who t-shirts to writer’s conferences.

3. Invent your own genre…like Amish Zombie Dystopian Romance.

2. You can use your old rejection letters as a source for villain names.

and the #1 reason to self publish…

1. If you manage to sell a few-thousand books, you’ll be invited to speak at writer’s groups, where you’ll get the much-needed free lunch.

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