Top 10 things we say to teenagers and how they interpret them

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Teenage with attitudeTop 10 things we say to teenagers and how they interpret them.

10. We say: Do the dishes.
Interpretation: Put dishes into dishwasher until full. Leave everything else where it is.

9.  We say: Clean your room.
Interpretation: Clear a path from the bed to the door.

8.  We say: Did you do your homework?
Interpretation: Did you do the homework you were intending to do?

7.  We say: Take the dog for a walk.
Interpretation: Snap on leash, take dog to end of driveway, make him pee, return home.

6. We say: Turn off the TV.
Interpretation: Turn on Xbox.

5. We say: Your mother and I need some alone time.
Interpretation: Gross.

4.  We say: Eat something healthy.
Interpretation: Eat a carrot stick slathered in ranch dressing.

3.  We say: Be nice to your brother.
Interpretation: No visible bruises.

2.  We say: Wear something appropriate.
Interpretation: Pick up whatever is laying on the floor.

and the #1 thing we say to our teenagers and how they interpret them is…

1.  We say: Someday you’ll regret not listening to me!
Interpretation: I’ve won the argument.

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