Top 10 reasons to never stop reading Young Adult novels…

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When I was growing up (yes…I grew up), novels were novels. You went from Green Eggs & Ham to rabid man-eating St. Bernards. I still think novels are novels. Just because we label ’em Young Adult doesn’t mean that they aren’t great fiction. So, I give you my Top 10 reasons to never stop reading Young Adult novels…

10. You’d never know that hovercraft served so many useful purposes.

9. Discover that the fear of the opposite sex didn’t end with your generation.

8. Okay, we still want to have magical powers, but we’re not allowed to openly say so anymore.

7. We kind of miss the days when guns held an unlimited amount of ammo.

6. Fourteen year old girls taking out an entire squad of terrorists…what’s not to love?

5. You’ll learn that, in the future, we’ll have hovercraft and air-trains, but acne lives forever.

4. Sell it as an adult novel, and we’d never buy a small gang of teenagers taking down an oppressive government. Label it YA…it totally works!

3. We’ll learn, before our kids tell us, that they know all about sex.

2. Teen characters have more interesting romantic lives than adult characters. Probably because they don’t have to work all day and still have strong backs.

And the #1 reason to never stop reading YA fiction…

1. Our kids have the same fears, hopes, and dreams that we did. They just have way cooler books to relate to! (Seriously, Stephen King was probably not the best guide through our formative years).

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