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Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy, #1)Feed by Mira Grant

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Though I swore I’d never read zombie books, this one caught my attention because it used the zombies more as a (very dangerous) backdrop to the setting. The story is really about Georgia and her brother, blog journalists following the campaign trail of a presidential candidate. After a series of attempts at sabotaging the campaign with the use of the virus that causes people to become zombies, the journalists uncover a conspiracy that runs deep within the campaign itself. The characters were excellent and fun to read. The zombies well done, with a fairly believable set-up. My only complaint was the predictable ending. It became clear who the culprit was early on and there was no twist from that direction. That’s a shame, one good plot twist would have easily made this a 5-star book. Still, it’s a fun read and I recommend it. I listened to the audio version. The narrator did well except for her portrayal of Steve, the head security guy. She gave him a cliche big, dumb voice. I thought the character would have sounded much more intelligent.

Overall, well done.

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