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I’m going to out myself right here and now–I’m a Near Death Experience junkie.

I’ll understand if a few of you move to a different lunch table. But I’m going to go out on the proverbial limb here and suggest that I’m not alone. After all, has there ever lived a human who didn’t wonder what waited for us after we’re done with these disappointing husks of shriveling skin and receding hair?

We can argue the validity of NDEs from now until we verify the claims first-hand. Not my job. Like UFO and Bigfoot sightings, we’re often left with the word of the reporter and no other evidence. Personally, I like to give my fellow humans the benefit of a doubt. Some will lie. But not all.

Besides, there are entire university departments involved in the research of NDEs. Far be it for me to become a one-man research team.

No, I have other questions. As a writer, I’m more interesting in the affect an NDE might have on the man or woman who’s experienced it. Okay, let’s get specific–how would a round-trip to heaven or hell change my behavior?

Would politics matter to me any more? Would I still get annoyed with the garage band across my back yard? Would it change my opinion on things like abortion, gun-control, Iran, the odds of a Tiger’s World Series victory?

It would have to, wouldn’t it? I mean, if you stopped breathing right now and got a sneaky-peak at heaven…would anything else matter to you other than getting back there and dragging as many people as possible with you?

And you think (if you’re familiar with your gospels), “Oh yeah…that’s what Jesus told us to do!” I don’t recall the phrase “dragging as many people as possible” anywhere in the New Testament, but allow me that paraphrase.

Likewise, if I visit hell…think maybe my attitude might be adjusted?

These are the kind of issues I’d like to explore. And write about (it’s what I do, in case you missed the “about me” section). If people are changed by events like a high-school break-up or a trip to Europe, what would happen to them if they died, got a preview of eternity, and returned?

That’s my question as I begin my next novel, Now I Knew You. As I write it, I’ll be digging deep into this question of living after death.

What about you? What would change in your life if you got a glimpse of heaven or hell?

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