Dominoes and D-day

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dominoes-d-dayToday I’m posting over at Inspire a Fire. Here’s a preview:

This week marks the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, otherwise known as D-day. When I was a younger man, days like this filled me with patriotic pride. Our brave American soldiers, along with our allies, put their lives on the line to defeat the greatest evil on the planet. I still feel a bit of pride for what our soldiers and sailors accomplished. But, having spent a few more decades reading up on U.S. and world history, I have a new perspective.

I’m no historian, but I believe any honest historian would tell you that no war is a black and white struggle of good vs. evil…

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Just about everything I believe has been shaped by the written word. But books don't force a belief; they stir the imagination so that you, the reader, eventually draw your own conclusions. We grow richer in spirit when we read, deeper in our understanding of the universe and our role in it. That's why I read. That's why I write. To offer you a bit of myself. Come along on my journey, won't you? There's plenty of room.