Top 10 Reasons Dads Deserve a Special Day

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Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons and Pink Sherbert Photography.
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons and Pink Sherbert Photography.

Father’s Day is approaching quickly. Some of you ┬ámay wonder why fathers deserve recognition, so I give you my Top 10 reasons Fathers deserve a special day…

10. Without fathers, we never would have known that ocean waves are caused by whales rolling over in bed.

9. For showing us how to put a worm on a hook without pity.

8. For showing us how to remove a barbed hook from our skin.

7. For informing us that concerns of infection are overrated and we should get back to fishing.

6. Teaching us that a can of baked beans covered all the basic food groups.

5. Without fathers, we may have thought that sleeping in a tent, surrounded by metal poles, in the middle of a thunderstorm was a bad idea.

4. Without fathers, we may have entered middle school without knowing a single four-letter word.

3. Dad’s understand the draw of dinner over the kitchen sink.

2. Without Dad around, the stupid crap we did may have been blamed on us!

And the #1 reason Dads deserve a special day…

1. With Dad supervising, we got to experiment with all those things mom put the kibosh on.

So tell me…why does your dad deserve a special day?





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