Top 10 Reasons to Read Middle Grade Fiction

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Courtesy of Flikr Creative Commons
Courtesy of Flikr Creative Commons

I seem to have found a home in YA and MG (Middle Grade) fiction. Maybe I just like short books. But I think it’s more than that. So today, I give you my Top 10 Reasons to read middle grade fiction…

10. In case you’d forgotten the debilitating horror of being noticed by an 8th grader.

9. Nice to reminisce about that other time in your life when food was more important than sex.

8. You’ll be pleased to learn that all 6th graders thought their teachers hated them.

7. To re-experience the greatest joy known to man: snow days.

6. So you can be thankful that you’ll never, ever have to experience again the government sanctioned humiliation of gym locker rooms.

5. So that when your own eleven year old daughter’s life is ruined after not receiving a birthday party invitation, you’ll understand why.

4. Because fart gags are timeless.

3. So that it will be clear that our nine year-old really does have better fashion sense than we do.

2. Even if we’ve spent the day battling zombie hordes, a furry, tail-wagging friend can make it all better.

and the number one reason to read Middle Grade Fiction…

1.  To remind ourselves that even the hardest of days pass, but they are still hard. Listen to your kids. It may be the most important conversation of your day.

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