Top 10 Signs that you were a Navy Brat

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Photo Courtesy of U.S. Pacific Fleet - Flickr Creative Commons
Photo Courtesy of U.S. Pacific Fleet – Flickr Creative Commons

In anticipation of my upcoming Navy Brat middle-grade novel series, I give you…


Top 10 signs you were (or are) a Navy Brat…

10. You give away your dog every three years.

9. You believe that the Mayflower was named after a moving company.

8. You get confused when someone asks what school you went to.

7. You associate cities and states with classic rock songs.

6. You’ve ever bought beer from a bowling alley vending machine (so I’ve heard).

5. Saturday bowling leagues were not optional.

4. Your Boy Scout leaders actually held camp inspections.

3. You understand the “infield spilled beer rule” in softball.

2. The smell of oil and diesel reminds you of your father.

and the #1 sign that you were a Navy Brat…

1. You’ve ever bought food at a commisary, clothes at an exchange, and candy bars from a mini-mart.

How about you? What are your Navy (or Army, Air-Force, Marine) Brat memories?



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