USS Scorpion – the empty pier

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USS Thresher, lost in 1963
USS Thresher, lost in 1963

Today I’m posting over at Inspire a Fire. Here’s an excerpt:

In May of 1968 the Navy sub USS Scorpion was scheduled to return to her home port of Norfolk, Virginia after three months of exercises in the Mediterranean Sea. Dozens of families waited on Pier 22 on a blustery, rainy Memorial Day with cardboard signs and balloons to greet their returning husbands and fathers.

The Scorpion never returned.

The USS Scorpion (SSN-589) was the last U.S. submarine to be lost at sea, and one of two lost nuclear submarines. Rumors of secret sub wars with the Soviet Union spread amongst conspiracy theorists and Navy history buffs. They still do. Not an outrageous idea. This was 1968, after all. Vietnam was ramping up to the quagmire and political football it would become and the Cold War was at its peak. The USS Pueblo had been captured by the North Koreans, spy planes shot down earlier in the decade, and the world was an uncertain place.

All that meant nothing to the families standing on pier 22.
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