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My Indy Writing Journey I took advantage of the long weekend and got my writing done early in the morning so that I could celebrate at family gatherings and even attend a 4H fair, where I was drafted to judge the tomato plants. It’s Michigan, so no ripe tomatoes yet. Just green cherry ones, which I picked, counted, and weighed. The winning plant was nearly five feet tall and had 78 tomatoes on it!

And now…my stats:

Now I Knew You (YA) – 5,887 words written. Running total 10,114 words. Though I have an issue with Scrivener. The running total it gives me is about a 1,000 words less than I add up from each scene. No sense fretting about it. I’ll go with Scrivener’s total. Better than adding up scenes every day. Camp Dogs (Fall of America – Adult) – Fast edited through scene 45. Past the halfway point now. Worked with a designer on a cover and got feedback from Gina and others. Some don’t like that I use Juli on the cover when she’s not the main character. However, she is a vital character and will be the main character for the follow-up YA series. No one likes the title fonts, either. I will change those. But I think Juli stays. Still debating the title as well. Scorpion Summer (Middle Grade) – This is the one I was lax on this weekend. However, I’ll be traveling this week and I find that airplanes are best for plotting. Too many distractions to write. Newsletter series – I haven’t mentioned this yet, but Gina and I are planning a weekly episode for a middle grade series. We’ll run it via the newsletter during the school year. It should only add 500-1000 words to my word count every other week, but it will give us something to bring in newsletter subscribers and we can bundle it at the end of the “season” and sell it or give it away as a season collection. Should be fun. More details to come.

4H Fair Photos:

1st Prize. Yes, there's crime scene tape.
1st Prize. Yes, there’s crime scene tape.
Baby Goats playing King of the Bale. #cuteattack
Baby Goats playing King of the Bale. #cuteattack
Cool rooster that I'm glad I don't have to groom.
Cool rooster that I’m glad I don’t have to groom.
Bantam duck (I had no idea) that hissed at me.
Bantam duck (I had no idea) that hissed at me.
...and a JB collection that one a blue ribbon. This...must go in a novel.
…and a JB collection that won a blue ribbon. This…must go in a novel.


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