My Indy Journey – Day 7 stats

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My Indy Writing Journey

Okay, I’m one week in. The goal is 10,000 words per week on the wip, along with 2 scenes per night edited on the last book, and plotting of the next book.

So here’s where I’m at after one week:

Now I Knew You: 11,594 words written.

Camp Dogs: Fast edited up to halfway point. Searching for professional editor. Almost settled on book cover. Trying different fonts.

Scorpion Summer: About 10 scene cards of 60 filled in. I’ve also made contact with a wife of a crew member and a daughter who was 8 years old at the time of the incident. I’m hoping she can fill me in on details of the area and especially the schools. My biggest concern for these folks is dredging up some painful memories. But so far they’ve been enthusiastic about the book and want my young readers to hear about this lost piece of history.

Okay. Traveling for a few days, so I’ll have to be disciplined about sticking to my schedule. It’s way too easy to just get lazy and relax in a hotel room. Those desks are there for a reason!

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