The Water Fight Professional

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The Water Fight Professional

Writerbud Angela Ruth Strong’s latest middle grade novel, The Water Fight Professional, is now available. And to celebrate the launch, I, your host, will buy a copy for a randomly chosen newsletter subscriber (over there to your right).

Here’s the link to Smashwords and Amazon, aaand Barnes & Noble. You can wait to see if I randomly pick you, or you can plop down that starvation-inducing $2.99 and help Angela get that Egg McMuffin she’s had her eye on.

For those of you who insist I read everything before you do, I’ll review it shortly. And stop sending me your kid’s term papers. I’m on to that (though I did learn a lot about the mating habits of the Arctic Narwhal).

And here’s some stuff that I didn’t write. You can tell because it is no way offensive:

Angela Ruth Strong writes for women and children and is excited to announce the release of the first novel in her Fun 4 Hire series for ages 8-12. In The Water Fight Professional, Joey Michaels must make more money in his water fighting business than his his buddy Chance makes mowing lawns if he’s ever going to beat the sudden superstar athlete at anything and save their friendship.

Also watch for the next book in Angela’s Body and Soul series for women as well as her crossover into the romantic suspense genre.

Here’s that link to Smashwords again, just in case you were distracted by my newsletter sign-up sheet, because it is an awesome newsletter and you’ll probably want to print and frame copies to hand out at Christmas. Or maybe Halloween.

You remember the rules around here. You buy a ridiculously cheap book off some poor writer who can only afford the venti size Death by Mocha Cappuccino at Starbucks, then you must write a review (one with lots of stars and fluffy adjectives) for Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, or all of the above. I mean it. I’ll send Brandilyn Collins to tell your kids bedtime stories.

And here’s the Clan of Strong. Angela is the attractive one. No, the other attractive one. Not that one. No, that’s her husband I think. Yes! That’s her! Angela-Ruth-Strong

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