My Indy Journey – Day 8 stats

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My Indy Writing Journey


Well, I’m in a hotel room in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Yesterday I was in a hotel room in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’ve always struggled to write in hotels. I don’t know why. It seems that when I have lots of time alone, I get lazy. Last night my boss and I got into Chattanooga and went out to dinner. We got back at nine, full of steak and sleepy. But I opened the Macbook and forced myself to write. I hit my 1400 word target.

And today…

Now I Knew You – 2000 words written. 15,000 words total since July 1st.

I’ll edit Camp Dogs after dinner and hopefully do some plotting for Scorpion Summer.

Overall, quite pleased with my output during my travels. It’s always an effort. But sometimes you have to write when you really don’t feel like it. That’s part of seeing this as a business, not just my art or my hobby.

Write big or stay home.

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