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The Water Fight ProfessionalAngela Ruth Strong’s latest middle grade read, The Water Fight Professional, is timed perfectly for the hot summer days ahead. Joey Michaels is a kid with a business plan: Drench people for money. Hey, who wouldn’t pay a buck or two to have their brother, sister, or mom clobbered with a water balloon or the latest in water-based weaponry?

The Water Fight Professional includes all the crazy weird adventures you’d expect, but Joey learns many important lessons along the way. It’s a summer for learning who he really is, what he really wants, and that maybe, just maybe, girls aren’t all to disgusting and creepy. Certainly not as creepy as licking a slug (which he’s never done…I know, I couldn’t believe it either!).

After making a bet with his best friend, Chance. Joey must earn more money per hour than Chance’s lawn mowing business. The bet? Oh, just triple scoop sundaes. Oh, and the loser has to kiss a girl. Not just any girl. But Isabelle “Prissy Izzy” Lancaster. And Joey can’t think of a worse fate.

This is a fun, clean middle-grade read that I highly recommend for anyone 8 years old and up.

You can pick up your copy for only $2.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords.

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